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Merger to Marriage  - Addison Fox For this review and more my blog

There are a lot of books like Merger to Marriage around at the moment and although enjoyable this does nothing to separate itself from the pack. It is nice and sweet but not much more than that.

Addison Fox writes quite well and the world building was sufficient. I liked the pace of the book up until the last quarter where things lost their way a little. The problem was one particular sub plot involving Holt and his mother. Their turbulent relationship is a big part of the book and has an effect on the romance. Holt finally finds a way to fix the problem and the climax is built up but then the next chapter is after the situation has been sorted out. I felt like that was a bit of a cheat and I would have liked to have seen the conflict and climax play out.

The characters are likeable but I failed to love them. Mayson is smart and sweet and I liked her determination and independence. Holt was sweet but could sometimes be a little hot headed and I could understand some of Mayson’s frustrations. The romance is nice but didn’t blow me away I liked them together but it wasn’t gripping enough.

Merger to Marriage is short and sweet but it does nothing new in the genre. If you like contemporary romances then you will probably like this.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review