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Covert Seduction - Callie Croix For this review and more visit my blog

Generally speaking I enjoyed this romantic thriller. There was nothing I hated about it but nothing blew me away either. It was a quick read that entertained me but that I will probably not think about again.

I enjoyed the characters in this book. Becca was nice and perfectly likable and I really liked Reid, he was sweet but could also be tough. I enjoyed the romance between them it was cute and I appreciated the lack of relationship drama. There were quite a few sex scenes which I didn’t mind but might be a problem for some.

Like many books of this genre Covert Seduction falls into some over used clichés. Characters in these types of books (especially female characters) always seem to forget that their lives are in danger and that someone is trying to kill them. They spend their time stumbling into dangerous situations whilst day dreaming about men/sex. The male characters are not that much better and tend to forget that someone is trying to hurt the love of their lives and in this case have sex with her against a full length window, a window that an assassin might think was perfect for taking out a target.

Still I enjoyed this book and the characters in it, I accept these clichés as they come with the territory so they don’t put me off too much.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review