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Accidental Abduction - Evelyn Langlais For this review and more visit my blog

I am not going to lie Accidental Abduction is a little bit odd, it definitely veers into the weirder side of fiction. It is not perfect, there are things wrong with it but for the most part I really quite liked this short book.

Megan is having a bad day. Her boyfriend has thrown her off a yacht in a ploy to steal her money and she is floating in the middle of the ocean with no hope of rescue…or so she thought. Suddenly and rather randomly she finds herself sucked into a spaceship and comes face to face with her alien rescuer/captor Tren, who happens to be surly, sexy and purple, yes that’s right Tren is purple. From there an intergalactic adventure romance ensues and it was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

It does all sound a little strange and far-fetched but there are some really nice things to be found in these pages. I thought the writing was good, it was not terribly descriptive or full of flowery prose but it got the job done. It was funny and there was often sarcastic dialogue between the characters which I really enjoyed. Plot wise this was also very good I thought that there was maybe one to many abductions towards the end but as a whole the storyline really worked. What I loved was that this book didn’t take itself too seriously. It allowed itself to have fun which meant that I did to.

I also really enjoyed the characters. Megan was feisty and didn’t know when to shut up which got her it all sorts of trouble. I liked her attitude and thought she was a lot of fun. I also really liked Tren and thanks to Eve Langlais’ writing I wasn’t even remotely bothered by all the purple. I liked the way Megan shook up his life and how he went from wanting to sell her to falling in love with her.

The romance was surprisingly sweet. I really liked Megan and Tren together. There was a lot of chemistry between them in and out of the bedroom.

Accidental Abduction is a little odd and needs a reader with an active imagination but it is a short story that is really worth a read. It was sweet, funny and fun.