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Heat Of The Night - Elle Kennedy For this review and more visit my blog

Heat of the night is the third book from the Out of Uniform series I have read. I have already gotten through book 1 and 2 and this is book 5 (somehow I missed 3 & 4 but I will get to them.) So far out of all the ones I have read Heat of the Night is by far the best.

Annabelle has just been dumped by her boring and lacklustre fiancé because she is not exciting enough. Upset and angry she decides to take a break and stays at a friend’s apartment whilst she is out of town. One night she gets a lot more than she bargained for when navy SEAL Ryan slips into bed with her, mistaking her for Annabelle’s friend and former lover. Despite his humiliations and her anger there is a spark between them and when Ryan finds a list of naughty things Annabelle wants to try he just can’t help offering his services and she just can’t help saying yes.

This novella was short and sweet. It had a lot more personality than the other books I have read in the series and a lot more charm. Kennedy gets the plot to sex ratio just right in this book which is something this series has struggled with in the past.

The characters were also a lot more likeable. Annabelle was bubbly and fun and I liked her attitude. She manages to keep her head no matter the situation and wanted to fix her problems instead of sulking about them. Ryan wasn’t as smart or composed but he was very charming. I liked the way he encouraged Annabelle to explore her sexual side without being pushy. I did think he was a bit of an over-reactor but for the most part he was awesome.

I liked that the romance wasn’t just about sex. Both Annabelle and Ryan have been burned, her with her fiancé and him by falling for a girl he can never have. There is plenty of chemistry between them but the romance was not always an easy one.

I felt that things were a little rushed towards the end which was a shame but for the most part Heat of the Night was really enjoyable.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review