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Baring it all is a short and sweet novella, the problem is that at 36 pages there was not all that much to enjoy or review.

Violet is engaged to marry her best friend’s brother Christian, a man she has been in love with for a very long time. She should be happy that she is to marry the man of her dreams except for the fact that Christian barely notices her and has never even kissed her. One night Violet goes to his home alone to find out once and for all if Christian feels anything for her or if she is just a convenient bride for a man who has no passion.

It is hard to say much about a book that is only 36 pages long especially when some of those 36 pages are taken up with sex. I liked the story and thought it was cute but needed a lot more than it could give me.

I found the beginning to be very fragmented it jumped from one time period the next, one minute Violet is drinking lemonade, then there is a newspaper article and then she is with Christian. I have no idea if this was just the formatting of the ARC (in which case it will be different for general release) or if it is just the way this book is laid out. Either way I had to go back and re-read some parts to get my baring.

The characters are alright but I didn’t get to know them very well. I appreciated Violet’s point of view, she loved Christian but didn’t want to marry him if he didn’t really want her. I understand that and admire her for her courage, I am not sure stripping off and having sex with him was a historically accurate way of finding out but it achieved what she set out to achieve.

Christian was not as likable. One second he is implying that he has never noticed Violet before and he just wants a quiet wife that will leave him alone. Then he has noticed her but has ignored it, then passion is a distraction from his work and then he is having sex with her. I struggled to understand his point of view. Sure sexy times is distracting but not distracting enough to ruin your livelihood unless you plan on studying and being a bore 24 hours a day.

Had this book been longer I would have probably come to understand Christian and like him more, I probably would have been able to engage with the romance and fall in love with their relationship but at 36 pages this left little room for anything other than a short introduction to the story and characters and some sex. Baring it all is a brilliant idea for a story but it is stifled by its length.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review