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The Awakening: Aidan (Entangled Covet)

Aidan - Abby Niles
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The Awakening sounded really good and I was looking forward to reading it but in the end it just didn’t quite work for me.

Jaylin is a half shifter who has no intention of taking a shifter mate ever. As a grief therapist she has seen the pain taking a mate can cause and wants to save herself the aggravation. But then she meets Aidan and it quickly becomes apparent that she is his mate. She struggles to maintain a distance between them and fights the mating bond, but by the time she realises that he might be exactly what she wants it might be too late.

The Awakening: Aiden is not a bad book but I had some issues. It jumps in straight away with a lot of shifter terminology and biology that I just didn’t understand. I felt like I was just supposed to know what all these words that I had never seen before meant but I didn’t and I ended up feeling confused and left out. I really struggled to get into the story because I was constantly trying to figure out what everything meant.

The story itself is good. I enjoyed the dramatics and it went somewhere I didn’t see coming in the end. it entertained me once I got into it but it took some time.

The characters could have been a little better. I quite liked Aidan he was sweet and kind. He was laid back, loving and wore his heart on his sleeve. I liked that he never gave up on Jaylin even when she was mean and cold towards him. I didn’t like Jaylin as much, I found her cold and boring. She reminded me of an old spinster librarian and not the young woman she was. I didn’t think they matched very well and honestly thought he could do a bit better.

The romance was sweet and entertaining enough but it never really got going for me. I liked the idea but it didn’t quite come together as well as I hoped it might.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review