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REVIEW: Love Letters 1

Love Letters Volume 1: Obeying Desire - Ginny Glass, Christina Thacher, Emily Cale, Maggie Wells

Like most anthologies Love Letters: Open Desire is a little hit and miss, but mostly I enjoyed it.  I thought each story was fairly well written and developed but some were better than others.  By far the best story of the bunch was A is for Assignment by Ginny Glass.  I really liked the characters and chemistry in this one.  It just seemed to work and I would have loved a little bit more of it.


The next best for D is for Detained by Maggie Wells, again I liked the chemistry and thought it was pretty darn hot but it lacked the depth and magic of Glass’s attempt.  B is for Bondage was about as good but again like D is for Detained lacked something.  Both of them were still very enjoyable and I have very little to complain about.


My least favourite is C is for Curious by Emily Cale which is a female/female pairing.  I failed to feel the chemistry between the two characters and felt that everything moved a little too fast, the other stories stretched over a few days, or the characters had considerable history.


All in all this is an enjoyable anthology and none of the stories are bad, it is good if you are looking for a short and racy read.