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REVIEW: Exposed by Kyra Davis

Exposed - Kyra Davis

Exposed is the second book in the Just one Night series. The first book left me with mixed feelings, I really enjoyed The Stranger but it was very dramatic and left the story on a bigger than big cliff hanger. So I was looking forward to reading Exposed...with some trepidation.

It started exactly where The Strange left off. Dave (Kasie's fiancé) grows into an even bigger moron than he was before. I understand that Kasie cheated on him and that hurt but the way he treats her after finding out is vile and abusive.

Again I had issues with Kasie and I found myself still wishing she had more back bone and more personality. She does get better towards the end but it was a long time coming.

Up to the last quarter I was enjoying Exposed but then Davis threw in a new plot twist that involved Robert, which I found to be completely out of character. Within a few pages he changed into someone I didn't recognise and to be honest I am not a fan of the direction this story has taken. There was enough conflict with Dave and if Robert turns bad that means that there is not a likeable person to be found here.

Like, The Stranger, I found Exposed to be an engaging and quick read and I will continue with the series to see how it ends but I was disappointed in this and with that way things turned out.