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REVIEW: Die For Me by Cynthea Eden

Die For Me: A Novel of the Valentine Killer - Cynthia Eden

So, I am not going to lie to you, this book is a little bit silly. It is scratch the paper small the cheese kinda silly. It was a little cliched, it moved at the speed of a freight train and I am not sure I got everything. It tried to be very smart and sometimes is fell flat on
its face.NBUT, sometimes this book managed to get it right.

I have a hidden talent, I can smell plot twists coming from a mile away. Yet there were quite a few moments where this book managed to surprise me.

The truth is that despite the cheese, the clichés and the fall on my sword characters I found this book strangely intriguing and Istruggled to put it down. Sure, it was overdone but I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Katherine and Dane were good characters (him more than her) but it was the Valentine killer himself that interested me. I found him bizarrely charming. There were a few to many characters and I felt this was written as though it was a movie instead of a book which made thins a smudge confusing as it was harder to remember everyone without seeing their face. But it was enjoyable and interesting. It is not my favorite crime novel but I liked it.