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If You Find Me

If You Find Me - Emily Murdoch

Too often I find that authors take a sensitive and serious subject matter and ruin its potential impact with over the top drama and unrealistic story lines. Luckily and rather amazingly Emily Murdoch manages to get this just right. If You Find Me was heart-breaking and touching but also hopeful. The sensitive subject matter was handled with
care and consideration and I felt it was realistic instead of over the top.

There are many good aspects about this book. The writing is excellent, the characters are likeable but what I really loved about it was that it didn't dwell on the bad. Often with this type of book the situation for the characters goes from bad to worse and the drama and angst stretches almost to the very end, where the HEA is too short and too sweet. Lots of readers really like that but I am not a fan. I don't want to read endless heartache and pain. If You Find Me by no means ignores the bad but chooses to focus on how the characters move on and rebuild, it gave this book a feeling of hopefulness.

What really helped this book was Carey is an amazing character. I really admired her
maturity and strength, what she went through is unimaginable and reading her trying to cope and adapt to a new and modern life is not always easy but she handles herself so well and I never doubted her courage. Her love for her younger sister, Jenessa, was beautiful she is caring and attentive and clearly loves her.

If You Find Me is not always an easy book to read but it is worth reading, it is a stunning debut that is beautifully delivered.