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Just for the Summer Review

Just for the Summer (Lake Bliss) - Jenna Rutland

Just For The Summer had a lot going for it, it had a great storyline and
a male character to die for but somehow it just missed the mark. 
Everything was just good enough but it never crossed into anything more.

storyline is a serious one but it was played more as a romance, and
instead of really addressing the issue of adoption we are given a female
lead that is a little to self-pitying, I understand why she is like
that to an extent but I would have liked a little more depth and a
little less waterworks.

The biggest issue was the ending, it felt
rushed and unrealistic.  it was as though the author had a strict word
limit and so had to cram a couple of chapters worth of storyline into

The best thing about it was Matt who was great.  He was a
great character he filled the romance role perfectly but was also a
really great father.  The sexual tension between him and Dani was great
but when it came to the sexy times it was (unfortunately) a fade to

Just for the Summer is a quick and engaging read but could have had a little bit more.