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The Assassin's Curse cy Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Assassin’s Curse (The Assassin's Curse, #1) - Cassandra Rose Clarke

The Assassin's Curse

By Cassandra Rose Clarke
The Assassin's Curse book 1
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Adventure, Action
Format: eARC, 320 pages
Published October 2nd 2012 by Strange Chemistry
Ananna of the Tanarau  abandons ship when her parents try to marry her off to an allying pirate clan: she wants to captain her own boat, not serve as second-in-command to her handsome yet clueless fiance. But her escape has dire  consequences when she learns the scorned clan has sent an assassin after her.
And when the assassin, Naji, finally catches up with her,  things get even worse. Ananna inadvertently triggers a nasty curse — with a life-altering result. Now Ananna and Naji are forced to become  uneasy allies as they work together to break the curse and return their  lives back to normal. Or at least as normal as the lives of a pirate and an assassin can be.
What makes a book special? Is to the writing, the storyline or characters? Or is it something else, a feeling you get when reading it? Whatever it is The Assassin’s Curse has it. This book is pure magic and is in the top 5 books of this year for me.  I LOVED it.
The storyline is awesome full of adventure and magic.  It takes you from the ocean to the desert and through towns and forests.  It introduces you to a world full of mystery and a host of amazing characters.
Annana is my kind of girl. She is brave, she knows her own mind and is not afraid to fight for what she loves or what she feels is right. She can be funny and sarcastic but also vulnerable and naïve.  Then there is Naji (sigh) whom I am in love with.  There are three male characters I have loved this year.  Kanin (The Immortal Rules), Orma (Seraphina) and now Naji (what can I say I like oddballs.)  He can be surly, moody and at times a little naughty but he is also heroic and sweet.
The friendship between these two is what really made this novel go from good to great.  They went dislike to friendship and it was amazing to read.  Will it end up in romance? Maybe, maybe not, romance is not really what this book is about. Although there is the undercurrent of it there.
I cannot say a bad word about this book.  I loved it and I hope if you read it you will to.  I cannot wait for the next book.
5 out of 5 stars
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