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Case for Seduction - Ann Christopher

Law Number 1: Never Fall For Your Boss!

Too late, since Charlotte Evans has been secretly head over heels for Jake  Hamilton ever since she started working at his family's renowned  Philadelphia law firm. She's too smart to expect the die-hard bachelor  to suddenly turn into Mr. Right, until he starts putting the moves—on  her!

Jake's prowess is legendary—in and out of the courtroom.  He's never met a woman he couldn't seduce, except Charlotte Evans.  Jake's lovely assistant may be the only female on the planet who sees  past his playboy facade. And now Jake wants forever with the one woman  he can't have. Because when it comes to love, some laws are made to be  broken.
Case for Seduction is a sweet romance that is more cute than saucy.  It is one of those books that falls in into the ‘nice’ category. Everything about it was goof but it never really climbed above that. 
I liked the characters and admired both of them for the changes they make in their lives and the growth they show in this story.  The romance was a slow burner that was full of tension which I enjoyed.  The love scenes were a little ‘fade to black’ so if you are looking for a book with a little more bite you might want to look elsewhere.  The story pace was good and I was easily swept along with the storytelling.
My big issue with this book was the ending.  The romance is resolved but all the other plots and storylines don’t reach a conclusion. I know that this book is primarily a romance novel but it would have been good to see all the other loose ends tied up as well.
Case For Seduction is not going to grab you by the collar and demand your attention, but it Is a sweet and short love story perfect for a lazy summers afternoon.
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