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I was not expecting much from this one if I am honest, I liked the sound of it but the cover is a little cheesy and I was unsure. Luckily I gave this one a shot because Lord of Secrets is actually quite impressive.

I find that most romances like this rely too heavily on the romance and the back story is left hanging unfulfilled. That is not the case here, Lord of Secrets is a lovely romance but it is also a well-rounded story with real emotional impact and relatable characters.

The storyline is interesting and touching. It moved along at a fairly slow pace but that suited the story. This is not about passion and action it is about human nature. There are parts of this that are extremely serious and it tackles a tough and horrible subject. I felt that the author handled the subject with extreme care and consideration and it didn’t feel over done at all.

The characters were great and I loved that it focused more on the male character and his issues rather than the woman. David is a complex character and I wasn’t really sure what to make of him until the end. I liked him but knew he has some extreme self-esteem issues it was only when his history unravelled that I understood him completely. I loved that he wanted to protect Rosalie from what he considered the worse of himself I thought the author did well not to let the reader in on his secrets straight away, you share Rosalie’s concerns and fears with her until the very end.

Rosalie is also a great character; she is quite plain no simpering beauty but a good woman with a good heart. She handles herself with grace even when she hits rock bottom. I love the way she stands by David even when she doesn’t understand, she is compassionate and sweet.

Lord of Secrets is not perfect and if I wanted to pick holes in it I could but I really appreciate the author for making this not just another romance. There is depth here and I applaud that.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review