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Faking It - Diane Alberts For this review and more my blog

I wasn’t expecting much from Faking It, I have been in a bit of a contemporary romance slump lately. I have read some nice books in the genre but nothing that blew me away. Finally my luck seems to have changed because Faking It was really, really good.

Strictly speaking Faking It does nothing differently from all the other contemporary romances out there. The storyline is familiar, the drama a little over done and the characters a little predictable but what it has that so many other books fail to achieve is chemistry.

Chemistry is an integral part of any romance book and Faking It has it in spades. It burst off the page and got right under my skin and I just loved it. The romance came alive for me and I wanted Derek and Stephanie to be together.

Both characters were far from perfect. Steph was far too stubborn to the point where I got a little frustrated with her. I just wanted to slap her occasionally just to snap her out of it. She was caring and loving but her independent streak went way too far. Derek was a little to restrained, he makes some silly mistakes and can be a little too forceful. But despite their annoying ticks and habits when you put them together it just worked and it made this book a joy to read.

Faking It is far from perfect but it is an extremely enjoyable romance with a couple to die for. If you are a romance fan then this is a must.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review