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I read to the 50% mark of this book before throwing in the towel and giving up. I am still reviewing this title because I feel that 50% of a book is enough for me to form a fairly well rounded opinion of this piece of work.

When I read the blurb for this book I was intrigued, I like the cover and I thought the storyline sounded quite good. It sounded gritty and sexy and raw. The truth was, unfortunately, quite different and I struggled to find anything to like here.

Firstly I had an issue with the writing. It is not necessarily bad but it just felt kind of flat. There was nothing to it; there was no real flow or emotion to be found in its prose. The second issue was the actual storyline which was a little too far-fetched and didn’t always make sense. The first chapter dumps a lot of information on the reader but the time wasn’t taken to truly explain why Maisie needed to lose her virginity to a stranger, or why her evil sponsor didn’t take it from her ages ago.

My next issue was the characters, there was nothing to them and I thought they were quite boring. Maisie underreacts to the situation she finds herself in, I understand that she needed/wanted to loss her virginity but she was incredibly blasé about the whole thing. She is sat across the room from a man she doesn’t know who tells her every few seconds that he is going to ‘use her well’ and ‘ride her hard’ and she barely bats an eyelid. Surely she would be incredibly scared and nervous.

This neatly brings me onto Roderick whom seems to find nothing wrong in bedding a vulnerable upper class woman, given the historical setting I would have thought that considering her status that was a big no-no. He has a bit of a one track mind and has even less personality than Maisie.

I have heard great things about this author and I will happily try another one of her books (not this series) but this one was not for me. It didn’t engage or interest me in the slightest and in the end I had to give up.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review