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Night Demon (Night Series, #2) - Lisa Kessler For this review and more visit my blog

Writing a review for Night Demon is quite hard because I am struggling to find something to say about it. I didn’t like it, I didn’t hate it…it just is.

I found it all really flat, the story didn’t interest me, the characters didn’t interest me and the romance didn’t really interest me.

The first issue is that there was just too much going on, it swapped from place to place and character to character far too often and at some point it just lost me along the way. The world building was weak and there was a lot of telling and not showing which also proved a problem.

Gretchen was an alright character, she is quite independent and won’t let Lukas boss her about or tell her what to do. But she also makes some terrible decisions and is clearly terribly unobservant to not realise that she has never seen Lukas during the day, never seen him eat and never seen him sleep during the months they have been living in the middle of a jungle together.

Lukas was completely bland and appeared to have little to no personality at all. Gretchen was far from perfect but at least she gave me something, Lukas was just blank. This really ruined the romance for me and I couldn’t see it at all.

It is a real shame that there were so many issues with this because I really liked Kessler’s idea and thought she made a good attempt to try something new. But there was too much going on and not enough personality from the characters for me to truly like this.

Night Demon gets one star because I finished it and one star for attempting something new with the genre, giving it a total of 2 stars.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review