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I found this one to be a little hit and miss for me, there were parts I loved and parts I didn’t.

This isn’t a pretty book, the story is gritty and the characters imperfect. I am glad about that because it was that grittiness that I loved. I really liked the world building in this, I could easily see the back alleys of New York and the dive bars the characters frequent.

It was the characters where this book lost me a little bit. They weren’t bad but I couldn’t connect to them, there just wasn’t enough there for me. Both Troy and Ruby were full of complexities and emotion but I failed to feel it. It was strange because I liked Ruby in the beginning and not Troy but by the end it was the other way around and I liked Troy but not Ruby so much. I guess Troy grows on you and Ruby grates. Ruby also makes some pretty silly decisions and then sulks about it, and I have no time for sulky sues. Troy on the other hand starts surly but shows vulnerability and a more caring side as time goes on.

The romance went a little too quick for me and they had definite chemistry in the bedroom but not really out of it. Troy is a dom (he is not really but for all purposes he is) he likes to dominate and Ruby likes that but then all of a sudden they were in love and I am afraid I just didn’t see it.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review