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I was unsure if I wanted to read this one simply because it was first published in 1992. Recently I have tried reading some old romances and it just hasn’t worked for me at all, but after reading the blurb I just had to give this a shot. It is about a scarred sexy recluse and if I have one weakness in the world it is scarred, sexy recluses (I am the biggest Phantom of the Opera fan in the world, ask anybody) so I gave it a go.

The writing is alright but the storyline is exactly what you would expect from a romance book written in 1992. The romance is unbelievable, it is very cheesy and the male character has Fabio hair although it is dark not blond. (If you don’t know who Fabio is look him up it will make your year.)

Jonathan is a ridiculous man. He lures Shannon up his mountain (not a pun) to help his disabled daughter. He then watches Shannon in her sleep which she is frighteningly ok with, he then refuses to meet her for a day or two, then blackmails her into staying. When she says no he cuts off all the phones and takes all her clothes, replacing them with fairy/leotard type outfits. He won’t go out, especially in the day because he belongs in the darkness or something (except he does go out and has meetings with people). He also barely sees his child whom he professes to love so much.

I know what you are thinking, psycho. But apparently Shannon thinks he is a dream boat because she falls in love with him.

This book could have easily ended up in my ‘worse books of all time’ pile, but it had a saving grace, DeeDee or more specifically Shannon’s relationship with DeeDee.

DeeDee is Jonathan‘s daughter and she is quite frankly adorable. It is hard to get kids right in books but Chastain managed it. I LOVED the bits when DeeDee and Shannon were together they had bundles of chemistry and the dialogue between them was extremely sweet and at times extremely touching. It is this and this alone that saved this book.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review