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Wounded Angel (Earth Angels, #3) - Stacy Gail

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The Earth Angels Series has been hit and miss for me. I really loved Nobody’s Angel, the first book in the series but could barely finish Savage Angel, the second. Therefore Wounded Angel was make or break for this series, if I didn’t like it then I would have given up on Earth Angels. Luckily Wounded Angel ended up somewhere in the middle of its predecessors and I liked it more than I didn’t.

I really like Stacy Gail’s writing it is always imaginative, snappy and fun. She always delivers in terms of plot and Wounded Angel was no different. There were some great scenes and awesome dialogue. Like all other Stacy Gail books this was easy to read and get into.

The issue I sometimes have with Gail’s work is her characters. Dislikeable characters are the reason I didn’t like Savage Angel. Luckily that was not a problem here, I loved the main characters in this book especially Ella.

Ella is my favourite character of the series so far, she was just awesome. I loved her outlook on life she refused to be ruled by the past. She was funny and often made me laugh. She wasn’t always strong but she dealt with things in the best way she could and wasn’t over the top or silly. I especially liked her reaction to Nate, he had awakened her sexually and he was going to damn well do something about it. Nate was equally likeable but less interesting. He was quite vulnerable but not sulky about his less than peachy past.

I really liked the romance but it didn’t enthral me like it did in Nobody’s Angel. There was definite chemistry between Ella and Nate and I really liked them together but they were more sweet than consuming.

Wounded Angel has restored my faith in the Earth Angels and I hope Stacy Gail will write more books for the series.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review