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Seal of Honor is one of those books that got off to a good start but slowly went downhill. It never really gripped me and I struggled to stay interested. It had all the ingredients for a good military romance but the characters and the romance itself never really made it to the mixing bowl.

Gabe is alright, he is your typical scarred military hero I liked him outside of the romance but in it he was boring. He did everything and anything he could think of to put road blocks in the way of him and Audrey and in the end I just eye rolled whenever he came up with another reason they couldn’t be together. His actions towards the end were nothing short of idiotic and I wouldn’t have forgiven him.

My main issue character wise was Audrey, I just didn’t like her at all. She is romance focused all the time and seems to want to talk about her ‘feelings’ even though she has been kidnapped and her brother is missing. She also seems to think her kidnapper who is a wanted criminal is a super nice guy. I wouldn’t mind so much it was just that she seemed to think she could do Gabe’s job better than he could, if I was him I would have just left her in the jungle that was how much she annoyed me.

The romance was also an issue, it happens very fast, the characters meet and are suddenly talking about this chemistry between them which I guess only they can see because I couldn’t find any. It is hard for your characters to have real chemistry which your readers can feel when they are already acknowledging and acting upon it within pages of them meeting.

SEAL of Honor is not a bad book it has some good action scenes and great secondary characters but it just wasn’t for me.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review