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Reboot - Amy Tintera For this review and more visit my blog

On the surface Reboot is not necessarily anything new, we have seen stuff like this before, but when you look a little deeper Reboot has a lot of individuality and instead of just being another dystopian it manages to do things a little differently and I was actually really impressed with it.

I really liked the idea of this book, I have seen similar things before but nothing quite like this. It was an interesting concept and it was handled really well. I thought the writing was really very good. The action scenes especially stood out they were fast paced and exciting. It was gritty and dark, sometimes violent and upsetting. Tintera doesn’t shy away from the terror of this world and I think the book is better because of it. I thought the world building was brilliant and I completely lost myself in this terrifying yet exciting book.

Another thing that Tintera really has excelled at is characters and the relationships between them. Wren is an amazing character there is nothing I disliked about her and I thought her growth throughout this book was a real highlight. Wren is a tough girl she is stronger and better than everybody else but she is also extremely vulnerable and consumed with self-doubt. She is a loner and very isolated but it is the relationship between her and her trainee Callum and her roommate Ever that forces her to realise that she doesn’t have to accept her life, that she can change things and that she doesn’t have to be alone. When Callum, whom she is falling in love with, is threatened there is no end to the lengths she would go to keep him safe. She was utterly fierce and I loved her.

One of the things I loved most about Reboot was the gender role reversal between Wren and Callum. Wren is the fighter she is the protector and Callum is the weaker one, the one who needs protecting. It was so nice to see a strong female protagonist being the action hero over a male character.

Callum may not have been physically strong but mentally he was incredible. He was so full of morals and strength. I really, really adored him. He taught Wren than there is beauty in life, that morals are important, that you have choices even when you think you have none and that something’s are worth fighting for even dying for.

Reboot is an incredible book full of real heart, loveable characters and amazing action scenes. I thought it was smart, that its messages were bold and that it was told beautifully. I cannot wait to read more from this series and more from this author.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review