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Heat of the Moment (Out of Uniform, #1) - Elle Kennedy

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Heat of the Moment is extremely short and extremely steamy. If you do not like graphic sexual scenes then stay away from this one.

The story itself was alright but most of the book revolved around three people having sex, still there was a romance and a little bit of depth but not that much, if I’m honest. The writing is good and I enjoyed the build-up to the hot stuff

I admired Shelby for going after what she wanted, I really liked her in the first half she was assertive and strong but the second half she turned into a bit of a wet blanket. In my opinion she chose the wrong guy, Carson, John’s friend was a lot more appealing and had a lot more personality.

I wasn’t a big fan of John’s, I thought he was to quiet and boring. Towards the end he annoyed me, he has a massive reputation as a player and after he and Shelby sleep together she asks him if he will see other woman whilst he is away on deployment, he makes a huge deal out of it, offends her and storms out which I found unfair. He knows about his reputation, he knows that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, I just thought he could have been more patient.

At the end of the day Heat of the Moment isn’t meant to make you fall in love with its story or characters, it is far too short for that. It is an intense, sensual and hot read and I will check out more from the series