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Bite Me - Parker Blue Visit my blog for this review and more.

*The publisher provided me with this book for review, via Netgalley.*

Bite Me by Parker Blue was not at all what I was expecting. I read the words ‘Vampire Slayer’ in the blurb and got certain ideas about what this book would be like and what it would include. I was thinking troubled heroine (which in some ways was right) with a troubled past. I thought this heroine would find herself stuck in a love triangle between a nice ‘pure’ boy next door and a ‘dark’ smouldering anti-hero.

What I got was a lead female character with more sass than Buffy, an inner and very horney lust demon and a sarcastic and telepathic dog called Fang. Needless to say I was more than a little surprised.

Bite Me is not a book that should be good, let’s face it is doesn’t sound very good but somehow all of this bizarreness works and it works because it doesn’t take itself too seriously and it asks the reader to not take it seriously either. YA has gotten into the habit of taking itself very seriously lately, (not that I am complaining, I love the direction YA has taken in the last few years) there is a lot of drama, darkness and heartache. Bite Me felt like a glorious breath of fresh air, it left behind all the seriousness and chose to be fun and at times funny instead.

Yet, it is not just the ‘fun’ element that makes this book worth the read. It has a lot of other redeeming qualities as well.

Val is an awesome heroine, she is kick-ass in the best kind of way but she is also really smart. She goes through some quite frankly horrible family anguish and she handles the situation with a maturity rarely found in a YA character. She has an awesome personality and is not only funny and tough but extremely caring as well.

I also think the relationship building in this book was great to. I liked the way Val built up relationships with Dan, Fang and Alejandro. The real achievement in this category goes to the relationship between Val and Fang. (yes, the talking dog) I think it is probably one of the most genuine relationships I have read in YA. It was not just friendship but companionship as well. I thought it was all extremely well done.

The one problem I had with this book was the romance. Dan is a really nice guy and a likable character. I do have a bit of a soft spot for him, but it seemed to me that he was not ready for a relationship after his rocky past. I also don’t think Val is ready for the complexities a relationship with Dan would bring. I fully support their friendship but struggle to see more to it than that.

Bite me is fast paced and action packed. It is fun, humorous and light hearted. If you don’t mind your fiction on the slightly bizarre side then I highly recommend this entertaining read. If you like your fiction to be as realistic as possible then you might want to give this a miss.