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Bound Temptations (2-in-1) - Shiloh Walker For this review and more check out my blog

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for a review.

Bound Temptations is an anthology made up of two short stories, Tempt Me and Beg Me both by Shiloh Walker.

Both books centre on widows but that is the only real similarities between them.

Tempt Me

This was my favourite story of the two it was fairly light hearted with some added suspense. I loved Rocki, she is a corset designer who owns her own shop. She is not a stick thin model but has a feminine figure that she is proud of. I loved the positive messages this book gives out, body image and size is a massive concern to a lot of women what this book does is challenge the perception of what id sexy and beautiful. Cole is also a great character and the romance between them was sweet. The sex is standard fair but there is an emotional connection between them during those scenes, something that I always like to see. One of the things I loved about this book is that the romance is not where the conflict comes from in the plot. It is not dramatic and angsty, instead it is something else that caused the drama but the romance never wavered and I never had to fear that it would all fall apart.

Beg Me

Beg Me is a lot darker and Tempt Me. A lot of the content is sexual. Beg Me is not going to be for everyone it is about a rape victim who has always had a taste for rough sex (including role play and rape fantasy) I know a lot of readers who are not into that so consider yourselves warned. I had two problems with this book. Firstly, I understand that this book is essentially about role-play borderline BDSM sex but it is also about a widow and rape victim finding love and learning how to trust again. I found that a lot of the ‘love making’ in this book was skimmed over and I felt that in order for the reader to feel the love and trust between Tania and Drake they needed to be written as explicitly as the rougher sex was. My second issue with this book is Tania. Drake is a really good guy and although Tania has been through a lot I hated the way she treated him towards the end of the book. She has been violently violated but to make herself heal she makes the man she loves do something he doesn’t want to, something that makes him hate himself. She does realise her mistake but when he becomes distant because he feels used, ashamed and disgusted with himself she has the audacity to get angry with him. It made me dislike her which was annoying because up to that point I really quite liked her.

I much preferred Tempt Me over Beg Me. I preferred the story, the characters and the writing. I didn’t hate Beg Me but didn’t love it either.