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*I was provided a free copy of this book in exchange for a review*

Really I should have hated this book and I should probably be giving it a bad review, there was a lot wrong here and a lot I didn’t quite like BUT I found myself eagerly reading and enjoying it anyway. In a way this book reminded me of a soap opera, you don’t watch them for the great acting and believable storylines, you watch them because for some weird reason they are entertaining, engaging and fun. That is exactly what this book is, fun!

I am not going to lie, this book is terribly unrealistic and I am not talking about the ‘godly’ aspects of the story but the more human ones. Here are some examples: Triton pretends to be a nurse, no one questions him, asks for ID or notices that this guy is not a nurse at all. He can also drive a car pretty darn perfectly on his first attempt (this is without the aid of any supernatural powers) he drives the blind Sophie around a bust town, in the middle of the day on his first attempt. There were also times where I struggled to believe Sophie’s almost blindness.

There was also Triton who is pretty dislikeable, well, dislikeable is not the right word because I actually quite liked him but he was such a ‘bad boy’ that I wasn’t sure he could redeem himself and I just couldn’t quite believe the bad boy turned good storyline this time around.

Yet none of this really matters because somehow this book just gets under your skin anyway. There is some great humour and some great sex, something Tina Folsom can write really well.

This book is not going to suit everyone but if you keep an open mind and are willing to suspend reality for a small amount of time then you might just end up enjoying this one as much as I did.