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Edge of Passion - Tina Folsom Really 2.5

*I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for a review*

Edge of passion is one of those books that I enjoyed reading but will probably not think about again now that I’m finished. It had all the elements you expect from PNR. It focuses on a man who has to protect a woman; we have seen stuff like this before so there are no real surprises.

The storyline is good, it moved along at a nice pace and there was plenty of action to keep me entertained. The issue I had with the book was the characters. Leila was a bit too uptight and at times I thought she was quite stuck up. She makes some pretty poor decisions but I didn’t find her as irritating as some of the other leading ladies in PNR. Aiden was better but some of his actions were questionable to say the least.

The romance between them was interesting. I liked the build-up and the way the characters danced around each other. They desired each other whilst managing to annoy each other to the point of rage. It created a lot of sexual tension which I loved. I lost a little interest in the romance when they got together. The sex scenes were hot but Folsom brings a supernatural element into their love making which I found distracting.

All in all Edge of Passion was an enjoyable read but us not a book I would rave about.