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The Dead Girls Detective Agency - Suzy Cox For this review and more check out my blog

This book took me completely by surprise. I was expecting mediocre but what I got was a million times better. I read the first page and knew instantly that I was going to really love it.

What really made this book great was Charlotte, the main characters narration. It was snappy and entertaining from beginning to end. I really loved this girl she was smart and full of spirit. Suzy Cox made her personality so big that she practically bursts off the page. Normally big characters are a bit annoying but not Charlotte, Cox knew when to keep her leading lady down and I honestly have nothing negative to say about her.

Edison is also pretty cool. He is broody, sassy and a pain in the ass but I still liked him. he is a little more what you would expect from YA, he wasn’t as big or bold as Charlotte but he didn’t need to be as this book is about Charlotte and the lessons she learns and has very little to do with romance which was fine. I never thought this book needed anymore romance then there was.

I actually think that this book is pretty smart on the surface it is a light-hearted and hilarious read but just beneath the surface there is something a bit more complex and deep. There are messages here about life, death and loss, and there were moments that I found surprisingly touching. What I love about this book is that it didn’t linger on the sadness of death but instead, in its own unique way focused on the beauty of life.

The Dead Girls Detective Agency is fun, engaging and entertaining. It is a fast and snappy read that will often make you laugh and sometimes make you really think. It took me by surprise and I really, really liked it.