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Guardian of the Night - Linda Thomas-Sundstrom This book and I just didn’t seem to get on. The main reason for this is realism. I understand that PNR is not a realistic genre but I do like the characters to at least act fairly realistically to things that happen to and around them. The problem for me here was that the main female character did everything a normal woman would. Her sister is missing, she is seriously injured and strange people refuse to take her to a hospital and keep her locked in a room. She is a doctor so she knows how life threatening her injury is but she doesn’t seem concerned about any of this at all. Instead she pines over a guy.

The romance took too long to build into something interesting and all the characters seemed old fashioned and boring. All in all this was just not for me.

There were some nicely written scenes, especially during the darker more horror type scenes. It was in those moments that this book became interesting and engaging but other than that this book was a struggle.