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*I was provided with a free copy of this book inexchange for a review*

This is a book that I really wanted to like but I just couldn’t. The main issue is that this book is just too short. It is a lot shorter than I expect from a novella. I wanted more history, I wanted to connect with the characters more but couldn’t because there was no room for it. Another issue for me was the ending. It is not the first time that this author has ended a book this way. I am all for doing something a little differently but it is something I now expect from all of her writing. It is a real shame because this book had the potential to be an amazing love story.

Something else that bothered me was the sex scenes. This book is labelled BDSM and a lot of the scenes were surprisingly ‘vanilla’ but there were other moments that shocked instead of tantalized.

I am going to stick my neck out and say that I think sometimes Tiffany Reisz sets out to shock readers instead of entertain them.

This book did have potential but it was to short and I didn’t like the ending. Reisz is an acquired taste; her writing is not for everyone. The shortness of this does give you a good introduction to her writing style and should give you a clue as to whether you will like her other work or not.