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Romancing the Holiday is a Christmas themed anthology made up of We’ll be Home for Christmas by Helen Kay Dimon, Ask her at Christmas by Christi Barth and The Best Thing by Jaci Burton.

I quite liked We’ll be Home for Christmas, the storyline and characters are good and there is lots of chemistry and banter between the main characters which I like. There is only one issue with it. I am getting a little fed up of the ‘I have trust issues because my parents broke up’ storyline that appears so often in romance novels. Half the world’s population’s parents have split up. Your mum and dads marriage breaking down twenty years ago does not give you a legitimate excuse to be an asshole.

I tried but I just didn’t like Ask her at Christmas. I found it unromantic, unbelievable and the characters kept doing stupid things. This was just a no for me.

The Best Thing was, well it was the best thing about this anthology. The writing was good, it was sweet and romantic and not overdone. I really enjoyed it.

Generally speaking Romancing the Holiday is a good anthology if you are a romance fan. It is a shame about the middle story but you can’t win them all.

(The publisher provided me with a free ebook of this title in exchange for an honest review)