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I wish I could rate this book based only on its cover, it would get 5 stars from me if I could, but unfortunately I can’t, I have to rate this book based on what is inside, which, in truth I found disappointing. I wanted to like this book so much but actually found it really quite boring.

The idea was good but it was nothing we haven’t seen before, the first half was fairly interesting but after ‘the wall’ moment it all went downhill for me. The bizarre thing about this book is that it is full of action scenes, yet it still managed to bore me. I think the problem was that so much happened page on every page that it just lost me, you don’t have a chance to connect to the characters or what is happening at all.

A few years back I took my ill neighbours Alsatian out for a wall as a favour. I spent the next hour being dragged through a park at an alarming speed. Every time the dog stopped to sniff or wee I would try and gather my bearings and catch my breath but I never got the chance because within seconds of stopping the dog was off again, that is what reading this book felt like, it needed to slow down because I just couldn’t keep up.

It wasn’t a complete disaster. The first quarter was really enjoyable, the writing was nice and the character alright, but I didn’t get much chance to notice these things which was a shame.