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Hooked - Liz Fichera For this review and more visit my blog

I thought I would love this one, it looked romantic, cute and interesting. Unfortunately I found it to be none of these things. I feel like sometimes authors go overboard with the drama, like they do not know when to stop. Hooked fell into that category for me. There was drama, after drama, after drama and everything that could go wrong did.

I might have been more able to handle the drama if the character were stronger. Fred’s defence against the bullying and racism she suffers is to look down at her feet and pretend she doesn’t exist. I wanted her to have more fight and more backbone. She was a nice character but I wished she had put her foot down more

Ryan was even worse; I really didn’t like him at all. He was a spoilt little rich kid who spent most of his time feeling sorry for himself and being really angry. If Fred was not going to defend herself then I needed him to, but that rarely happened he was even more of a wet blanket then she was. His best friend is the one bullying her and he just lets him, it is hard to think of him and Fred romantically when he lets his best friend treat her so poorly.

On a wider scale, and it does not apply to this book only, this genre is starting to annoy me. All these YA contemporary romances seem to feature parents who are either abusive, alcoholic, ignorant, bullies, unkind, uncaring or a mixture of them all. I understand that there are parents like that out there but YA books seem to feature towns and schools where all the kids barely have one good parent between them. Kids can have problems that have nothing to do with parenting. It is just beginning to grate on my nerves a bit.

It was not all bad. The writing was good and the idea interesting. The parts where golf was involved really stood out and was really enjoyable.

Hooked is not a bad book but it was not for me either.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review