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Undone - Cat Clarke For your chance to win an ARC of this title (UK only) or a paperback of your choice (INT) visit my blog

It has taken me a long time to write this review because I have struggled to figure out what I want to say. Put simply I found this book gut wrenching, it was emotional, shocking and heart-breaking.

Undone tackles a whole host of series subjects such as suicide and bullying and does so with great respect. Cat Clarke is an amazing storyteller and a brilliant writer. I truly commend her for taking on such serious matters and for managing to handle it with such care.

To say this is angst driven would be an understatement and there were not many reasons to smile whilst reading this. Everything seemed to get worse and worse until you get to an ending that is truly shocking.

There was one big issue I had with this book and that was Jem. I really, really disliked her. She was extremely needy and in the end was one big walking, talking cliché. She relied on her best friend Kia far too much and was almost smothering in her affection for him. When she losses him I liked her even less. Of course I felt for her but her grief soon turns to bitter rage and self-pity that gets worse as time passes. She was hell bent on revenge, no matter the cost and full of selfishness. I just wanted her to stop because she hurts anyone and everyone in her path even those who love her and don’t deserve it.

Undone is one of the most deeply affecting emotionally draining books I have ever read. It stayed with me for days after I read it and although I am glad that I did read it and finish it, it is a book I will never be able to read again.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review