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Blaze of Winter: A Loveswept Contemporary Romance - Elisabeth Barrett This is the second Star Harbour book I have read and I think I can now honestly say that this series is not for me.

I love the setting Star Harbour itself seems really gorgeous and the descriptions of it are really great. It is just everything else I have an issue with.

Like Deep Autumn Heat the first book in the series I had issues with the pacing. It was all a little dull and a little slow and again there were a ton of unneeded detail and scenes (although not as much as in the first book.) Some readers really like that a meandering pace but it is not for me. I like action, I like conversations that mean something and I just like stuff to happen.

I had some issues with the characters as well. Both Avery and Theo had fairly uninteresting personalities. Theo could be a little forceful and kind off wore Avery down when she wasn’t ready and didn’t want a relationship. Avery was a little weak and emotional for me, she was not very good at handling the things that were going on around her and either crumbled or acted immaturely.

Despite my opinions on the first two books in the series I am not quite sure I am ready to give up just yet. There is something that makes me want to read these books which I can’t put my finger on and the last two Greyson and by far my favourite so I think I will stick around for the next one just in case it creates magic.