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Hitched! - Jessica Hart For this review and more visit my blog

I have really enjoyed the Harlequin Kiss collection so far and thought I was onto another winner with Hitched! It started so well and I loved the first quarter, but as I continued reading things got worse and worse to the point where I struggled to finish.

The first few pages had me laughing out loud and it all seemed cute, fluffy and funny. I really liked the characters. George is everything I like in a leading man; he is charming, sweet and funny. He was breathtakingly honest and fun. I liked Frith too, sure she was a little uptight but her inner voice was hilarious and I thought I would really love her. But as the book went on Frith when from someone I liked, to someone I couldn’t stand.

My God she was just so irritating. The more the book went on the more uptight she got. She had a plan for everything and staunchly refused to divert from her sensible and dull goals. She constantly made assumptions about other people’s needs especially where George was concerned. ‘He needs a woman who can do this, looks like this, acts like this’ or ‘he needs to be a father, I won’t be able to give him that’ she was just full of self-pity and never once asked what George wanted or needed. I get that she was hurt by a boy when she was a teen but honestly who hasn’t been?

The romance started well and there was loads of chemistry but when they got together it faded. Honestly I don’t know why they were together. They are nothing alike and none of the issues that were bought up through the book were resolved. Some of these things were quite important like Frith not wanting kids.

Hitched! Started well but really lost its way. Jessica Hart is clearly able to write and proved with the first quarter that she can write well, but the personality of Frith bough this book to its knees.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review