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I really liked the sound of this one but in the end I was really disappointed with it. I couldn’t connect with the characters or the story and it didn’t engage me at all.

The characters were annoying and unlikeable. Blake had no real personality at all and he was really quite boring. When he meets Alexia she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with military men at all. Instead of telling her he is a SEAL and proving to her that her ideas of men in the military are wrong he hides the truth from her and then starts sleeping with her. If that happened to me I would be livid, it was not a good move.

Alexia is no better, in fact she is worse and she constantly contradicts herself. She spends a whole dinner trying to dump Edward (the guy she is dating) because she is 100% sure she does not want to be with him. Not that I blame her, he is boring, doesn’t believe in passion and wants to plan their sex life in an organised and sensible fashion, somehow she doesn’t dump him and a chapter latter is talking about how she has feelings for Edward that needs to be explored, what happened to that 100%? Five minutes after that she is chatting up Blake and not look after that they are in bed together.

Another thing she did that was infuriating was categorize all the people in a night club, she claims the woman are all there to get laid or to find a husband and makes it clear that she doesn’t think highly of them or the military guys they are after. When she is asked what category she falls into she claims that it is not right to label people or make generalisations…but wait, IS THAT NOT WHAT YOU JUST DID?!? She was also extremely full of herself and to be honest I hated her.

The storyline was alright but it was a little far-fetched and didn’t interest me enough. I really didn’t enjoy this book the characters were just too horrible.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review