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Midnight Secrets - Ella Grace There is nothing worse than reading a romance and connecting to one half of the couple but not to the other. Unfortunately that is what happened with Midnight Secrets, I loved Zach but just couldn’t connect to Savannah. That’s not to say I didn’t like it, there was plenty here to keep me interesting but I just couldn’t invest in her.

Savannah has been hurt by Zach in the past when he took her virginity and her heart then left the next day and never looked back. They were in a fairly long term relationship and they were in love so I can understand her pain, if I was her I would be livid with him but the cold detached way she lives her life was off putting for me. There was nothing to her and I found her personality quite dull. She also does silly things like follow Zach to a stake out/police issue with a gun to help him if he needs it. He is the Police Chief of the town surely her help is the last thing he needs and surely she could get herself into some serious trouble for doing it, and SURELY being a district attorney she would know that. she also has a secret, a secret that she knows Zach needs to know about but she puts it off day after day before actually telling him. This secret was so built up and it was mentioned over and over again and when she finally finds the courage to tell him (after they have been sleeping together was quite some time) the whole issue is resolved in a page or two. All that waiting for two pages! It was such a waste because the secret was a good one.

Zach was a different story all together, I thought I was going to hate him but instead I really connected with him. I get why he left Savannah it was a really bad decision on his part but I get why he did it. He is a sweet man who wore his heart on his sleeve. Despite my feelings for Savannah I did enjoy the romance, mainly due to Zach who bought all the heart.

Another thing this book did well was keep be guessing, there is a murder mystery here as well and for the first time in a long time I had no idea who the bad guy was. I am not being big headed but I have a reputation in my household for knowing who the murderer is in books, TV shows and movies before anyone else. But this time I didn’t guess the murderer or the romantic twist/secret. Maybe I was having an off day but I am more inclined to believe the Author is just really good at keeping her audience in the dark.

Midnight Secrets is far from perfect but it is an easy read the kept me entertained for a few hours.