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Recipe for Satisfaction (Madewood Brothers, #1) - Gina Gordon For this review and more visit my blog

I really wanted to like Recipe For Satisfaction but unfortunately it just didn’t do it for me. It had all the right ingredients but somehow it just didn’t come together.

One of the problems was that it held little substance. Every chapter seemed to begin on a Saturday, when the two main characters would meet up, and exclude a majority of the week leading up to that meeting. It might have been ok if there wasn’t a secondary storyline involving Sterling and her good for nothing, gambling parents. I wanted the romance and the family issues to be more on an equal footing but instead the romance got most of the time, which lead to a lot, maybe too much, sex.

I did like the characters. Jack is charming and exactly my kind of guy, there were times where he could be a little pushy but not pushy enough to put me off him. I liked Sterling too, she is sweet and likeable but (like so many other female characters in this genre) she was a bit of a push over. The treatment she received from her parents is utterly appalling, yet she continues to bail them out after they have lied, betrayed and stolen from her. They treat her like dirt and she lets them get away with it for a really long time. I understand that they are her family but when they start putting you in serious debt something had to be done.

Recipe for Satisfaction was not a bad book but I wanted a little more from it.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review