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Just Breathe - Janette Paul More of a 2.5 I think.

Just Breathe is a nice contemporary romance that I am glad I stumbled upon. It was far from perfect and I did have some issues with it but for the most part I enjoyed it.

I thought this was well written and I enjoyed many factors about it. I thought the idea was good I liked that this was about a millionaire business man falling for a struggling yoga teacher. I expected that he would be quite uptight about struggle under the weight of his business and that she would be a free spirit that would blow his mind but it was actually the other way around.

Ethan was really nice and I really liked him, he was totally comfortable in his skin and although he had some issues he was willing to get over them and move on with his life. Dee was a completely different story, she was so uptight and had so many issues which directly contradicts he life as a hippy yoga teacher it just didn’t match. Her issues were a problem for me, sure she had been through a lot but her reaction to it all was over the top and she ended up hurting a lot of people around her and acting quite selfishly in my opinion. I did like her but it just couldn’t connect the two sides of her. The romance was nice and wasn’t overdone which I liked.

Just Breathe is not going to blow your mind, but it is a nice way to spend a few hours.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review