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Platinum - Jeffe Kennedy I honestly do not know where to start with this review, to say I disliked Platinum would be an understatement. In fact, I am struggling to think of anything positive to say about it at all which is very rare for me.

Firstly, I am not really sure what the point of this book is, it is about sex and not much else. There was no real storyline, no emotional connections, and no character development. The sex itself is labelled BDSM but in my opinion a BDSM relationship is based around respect and companionship between two people who want the same thing, this is not the case here. Steel does not have respect for Althea and uses her for all the dirty fantasies he wants to act out because she is albino and he is obsessed with her pale skin. He does not really care if she is comfortable or not and forces her on one occasion to use her safe word and to do other things like perform a sexual act on a sculpture. There was this general air of perverseness and un-comfortableness around him, which was immensely off putting. I found him creepy instead of sexy.

The characters were one dimensional and unlikeable. Althea is boring with little to no personality, Steel is horrible, I hate that he makes people call him Steel and he comes across as having a major infatuation with himself.

I hate to write a review like this, normally I like to have some positives and negatives in every review I write but finding the positives here are hard. I guess I could say that it is short and not the worst thing I have ever read, but really that’s all the positives I have.