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Vanilla on Top - C.J. Ellisson For this review and more visit my blog

When I saw this book pop up on Netgalley I was unsure and it took me a while to put in a request for it but boy am I glad I did. I thought this was really very good and it is easily in the top five romances I have read so far this year.

There is just so much to like about it. The storylines, characters, and intimate scenes were all great, but what really made me fall in love with this book was the main character Heather. It is not actually Heather herself that I loved so much, it was not her personality or her characteristics (although, those are also great) it was that this book was centred solely on her and the growth and changes she makes in her life.

Heather has spent her life bending over backwards to please other people and she has had enough of it, so she sets about to change things. She starts a relationship with the rather swoony Tony, she spices up her sex life, she becomes more assertive at work and finally challenges the best friend who has always been slightly belittling. What is great is the author and Tony step back and allow her to grow and discover without putting road blocks in the way. It was a massive high five for girl power especially when Heather becomes a little dominant in the bedroom (there is a desk and a table tennis paddle, if you don’t know what I could be referring to it starts with an ‘S’ and ends in ’panking’)


That’s not to say that Tony is not important, he does some growing too. He knows he has found something special and he is not prepared to mess it up. Through Heather he sees that he has been unhappy with his life so he also changes. I really liked Tony, probably more than Heather, he was charming and swoontastic.

The romance was great; they had bundles of chemistry and were really sweet together. The scenes in the bedroom were hot but they could also be really cute.

Vanilla on top was by no means perfect, there are holes to be picked in it but there was nothing that really bothered me about it. This is a short and sweet read that offered something a little different.

The publisher provided me with a free copy of this book in exchange for and honest review