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Wild At Heart - Charmaine Ross I was really looking forward to this I love animals, Australia and romance so what could go wrong? Actually…quite a bit.

This book is not bad, I didn’t want to quit half way through or anything but it was also far from mind blowing. The big issue is that the characters are one dimensional, they have little to no personality and that makes everything else a bit of a struggle. Dan was better than Victoria but only marginally. Because of this the romance floundered, there was no real chemistry and I felt like the author was telling me what was happening instead of showing me.

It wasn’t all bad the moments where animals were involved really came alive for me. I found these sections interesting and it was these times where the characters showed a little more charisma. It made me wonder if the really issue here was the length of the book. It took me a couple of hours to read and was well under 200 pages. It seemed bizarre that certain parts of this book could be so rich and others so dull. Maybe there was just not enough room for there to be more character development.

All in all Wild at Heart is an alright read but it lacks in characterisation that makes is hard for the reader to connect.