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Bite Me, Your Grace - Brooklyn Ann Bite Me Your Grace is a charming little book, it didn’t blow my mind but I did find it very enjoyable and entertaining.

I really loved the two main characters (Ian and Angela) and the romance between them. I thought Angela was outspoken and funny, and Ian was more smouldering and serious. They matched each other perfectly and I thought they had great chemistry. The scenes between them were great and I greedily lapped them up.

Unfortunately Ian and Angela were only half the story and it was the other parts of the book where I had trouble. Firstly, there were a few to many points of view for my taste. The book seemed to switch between people to quickly and some voices, in particular the hunter, were not needed in my opinion. Another issue I had was that every male seemed to be in love/lust with Angela. A good heroine does not need men falling all over her, even the hunter wanted to ‘save’ her and it all was a little too much.

Bite me your grace does have its problems but generally speaking it is an enjoyable historical paranormal romance, with more than a pinch of humour.