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Dangerous Lover - Lisa Marie Rice Normally I like Lisa Marie Rice books, sure they are completely unbelievable and a little bit crazy but I am cool with that. The issue with Dangerous Lover is that it is too much like some of her other books. I read this two days after reading Midnight Man (another Lisa Marie Rice book) and the similarities were overwhelming. The names, setting and background information might have been different and the personalities of the characters slightly different but the rest was too similar. The male characters even say and think the same things, they wear the same things (the world surely must be running out of black turtle neck jumpers) and the storylines were too alike.

I quite liked the characters in this one, a lot more than in Midnight Man so I wish I had read this one first but I didn’t so I couldn’t enjoy this one because I felt like I had read it two days before.

Also the ending seemed to happen in a paragraph, it was so quick that it felt unfinished. I do like this author but this book left me feeling cold.