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You might want to take this review with a pinch of salt because I clearly didn’t see something that so many other people did. This book has a massive overall rating of 4.14 on Goodreads (at time of writing this review) I don’t want to be mean, or be seen as a bully but I honest cannot fathom how this book has such a high rating.

I had so many issues with this. Firstly the eBook was littered with mistakes that were completely distracting, I am generally patient with these kinds of things and try to ignore them but if it greatly affects your ability to understand then it is impossible to ignore. The writing was poor, it told me what was happening instead of showing me, and the dialogue seemed almost robotic and fake. The point of view consistently changed without warning sometimes in inappropriate places. There was the dreaded insta-love. The characters were not good, Jacque was very childish and Fane very cheesy. The rest of the characters were no better at all.

I found it very unbelievable even for a paranormal romance. In the first few pages Fane turns up in a limo, telepathically communicates with Jacque who see’s nothing bizarre about this at all. She then tells her friends who also seem to think that nothing odd or weird has happened and they completely believe her. If I told my friends that they would either think I was, A) pulling a prank, or B) lost my mind.

On the plus side some of the action scenes were good and exciting. Literature continues to prove that there is a lot of love for ‘mate for life’ paranormal romances, so maybe that is why this book has so much praise. I like the idea, but there was too much wrong for me to like this one. But maybe you will.