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Wrangled - B.J. Daniels For this review and more visit my blog

Wrangled is the 6th book in the Whitehorse, MT: Chisholm Cattle Co series. You do not need to read the books before to follow this one.

This was by far the strongest element of the book. I would say that this novel is more of a thriller/crime drama than it is a romance and that side of it was well executed. There is a lot going on in this, a lot of twists and turns but the author manages to keep up and tie all the loose ends together nicely. She also managed to keep me guessing. I find that a lot of these book are too obvious and that there are no surprises. Often the reader knows what is going on before the author wants them to, Wrangled managed to stay out of that trap.

The writing was fine. I would have liked to see a bit more detail. The narrative jumps around a lot and I think to many characters have a voice here. At the beginning I found it confusing, all the jumping meant it took me a while to settle in.

The characters
This was by far the worst part of the book. I found all the characters to be fairly one dimensional and lacking in individuality or personality. Zane has his moments were you think there is something there but Dakota offers nothing much at all.

Because of the lack of personality the romance never seemed to get going either. It was a bit bland and unfortunately there was an appearance from the dreaded insta-love. The sex scenes left a lot to the imagination, they were reserved often fading to black.

Wrangled is full of good story telling but bland characters which is a real shame.