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Anna Dressed in Blood  - Kendare Blake For this review and more visit my blog

This book sat on my shelf for months before I finally got round to reading it. I had heard so much hype about it and hype I find quite off putting. I always build the book up to highly and generally end up disappointed. In the end Anna Dressed in Blood was not what I was expecting why is probably a good thing.

To be honest this book and I did not exactly get off to a good start. I found the first quarter to be quite boring and it dragged but as soon as Anna made an appearance all that changed. This story might be told from Cas’ point of view but the book belonged to Anna. She was by far the most exciting and interesting part of this book. I did like Cas quite a lot, he was brave and sweet. He has an awesome personality and a great sense of humour which I really enjoyed, but Anna stole the show.

Anna is both terrifying and lovable, her story bought tears to my eyes, and it was not hard to see why she was so angry and lost. I loved her protective streak, when things start to go wrong she is fierce and powerful.

Another thing a liked about this book is its refusal to hold back, it is really grim and gruesome. If you have a weak stomach or don’t like blood and guts then this is not the book for you, seriously stay far, far away. I do quite like blood and guts, I like to stray a little into the dark side so this worked for me.

My problem with this book was the romance; I just couldn’t buy into it like a lot of people did. It all seemed a little stubborn and unrealistic. I struggled to believe that Cas could make peace with what Anna had done so quickly and easily, and didn’t understand why he never seemed to question the fact that he was in love with a ghost, it was just accepted. That was not the only thing I questioned, I would have liked more about how Anna got her powers and why she let Cas in the house and no one else.

Anna Dressed in Blood is a good book with great characters and an awesome ending. For the most part it impressed me but didn’t manage to blow me away. Still, I cannot wait to read the next and last book in the series.