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The Marriage Bargain - Jennifer Probst Generally speaking I really quite enjoyed this contemporary romance, I thought it was sweet and funny but it did have its down sides.

To start with I was not a fan, the first few chapters did nothing but convince me that Nick was the biggest moron on the planet and to be honest it was a pretty long road to redemption and I never really accepted him. He did get a lot better but he was a little too arrogant and bossy for my taste.

Alexa was the saving grace of the book. I really liked her; she wasn’t vapid or dumb but smart and funny. She didn’t look like a super model and instead had curves and is feminine. I liked that she was never dependant on Nick and she was always aware of his limitations. She was loving and kind and handled the drama with her head held high.

The romance between them sizzled and it was obvious they belonged together, she was able to put Nick in his place (which I enjoyed) whilst drive him crazy with want. I loved the banter between them and their arguments were often the funniest and most amusing parts of the book.

But I did have problems with it. The UST and ‘will they won’t they’ lasted a little too long. It was terribly predictable, by the half-way point I was pretty sure I knew what was going to happen and I was right. I didn’t love the ending, it all happened too quickly and was all resolved to quickly.

Despite my issues I still enjoyed this, it was fun and a cute read that made me laugh often.