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Candid Camera - Susie Charles Reviews for books like Candid Camera are very hard for me to write because I struggle to find something to say about it. I guess the issue is that I feel like I’ve read this book a million times before. The title is different, the characters have different names and the storylines differ but the structure has been used often and this time it bored me.

What didn’t help were the main characters whom I didn’t really like. Chrissy irritated me, her life is in danger but like all woman in these books she doesn’t seem to care or take the threat seriously. She wants to be a strong independent woman yet refuses to take precautions to protect herself. She falls in love with Randy out of no-where. Although she doesn’t mention it once for the whole first half of the book, she doesn’t care that Randy is a werewolf because she already knows they exists due to a vampire ex-boyfriend who was suddenly bought up, again out of nowhere. There was just something about her that I didn’t like and the fact that every man within a 50 mile radius of her is in lust with her, or trying to grope her ‘fantastic’ boobs didn’t help.

Randy (whose name can be taken literally because he is always randy) was not much better, all he thinks about is sex, and before he met Chrissy all he does is have sex with any woman available. When he gets around Chrissy he becomes a typical possessive ‘mated’ male who wants to press the love of his life in to the floor and do her until she submits to him. he is constantly trying to get her to do what he wants and gets jealous if she even talks to another man, which is rich considering he has a woman humping his lap at the time, he doesn’t want her there but he doesn’t push her off either, double standards dude, double standards.

All in all this just wasn’t for me at all, I am tired of the same structure and tired of these possessive men.